Pray For Us

We really appreciate your prayers for us, especially concerning the following:


  • Constant faithfulness to our God and to His written Word
  • Deeper love for Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord
  • Renewal through the indwelling Holy Spirit
  • Joyfully reverent worship services
  • More heartfelt commitment to mission and service of all kinds
  • Growth of our church youngsters into comitted, serving disciples
  • Wisdom and patience concerning our church buildings
  • Conversions for God's glory
  • The ORBIT shed project (Reigate inclusive theatre for youngsters)
  • Prophetic vision, vitality, unity and perseverance
  • Practival unity amound all the local churches
  • Continual prasie and thanksgiving for all God's blessings and mercies


A Mighty Work Of God In Evangelism

  • The Tuesday Fellowship
  • Little Fishes
  • Children's Holiday Club
  • Baptism, wedding and funeral contacts